Employers matter

Financial support helps but employers that have supportive practices and flexibility for parental responsibilities play an essential role in enabling parents to continue to work.

Childcare Vouchers are often the vehicle that fosters the engagement between employers and employees on the pressures of combining childcare and work. It is off the back of this that many workplace practices have been formed – such as flexible hours, opportunities to work from home, and onsite crèches – that allow parents to continue to work productively.

The impact of Childcare Vouchers administered via employers is huge:

  • Well over 20 million of the 31 million UK employees have employers that offer Childcare Vouchers.
  • Every large employer, every public sector organisation, every Government department, and the majority of medium sized companies offer access to Childcare Vouchers.
  • Hundreds of small and medium sized companies register to be able to offer Childcare Voucher schemes every month.
  • Over 780,000 employees are currently supported by Childcare Vouchers and it has helped millions to date.