Let’s make this happen!

Implementing a policy like this would usually require lots of new legislation, however, we find ourselves at a unique juncture because Tax-Free Childcare is currently running alongside Childcare Vouchers at this very moment.

The Government has been gifted an opportunity to deliver a bold, positive, headline-grabbing policy without having to run the parliamentary gauntlet.

This would be a policy that actively offers the choice of the best childcare support to every parent depending on their situation. The retention of Childcare Vouchers means this policy is a private sector-led solution that removes the administrative burden from Government.

We think this is an issue of central importance to the electorate and one that Government should set out to address.

We would very much welcome contributions from businesses, parents, academics, parliamentarians and the Government to implement the future of childcare support. Please get in touch via our contacts page if you would like to contribute or arrange a meeting.