The Future of Childcare Support is a policy developed by the Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CVPA) following extensive engagement with voucher users, employers, charities and Government.

The CVPA is the industry association established to represent the views of childcare voucher provider companies and to formulate best practice which protects all stakeholders’ interests. We exist to:

  1. To establish & develop best practice principles for the childcare voucher sector covering areas such as security of voucher funds, integrity of data management, handling complaints and service levels;
  2. To hear and evaluate unresolved complaints made against members by employers/employees and carers;
  3. To positively promote childcare vouchers with all stakeholders including employers, employees and carers and to inform buyers of their rightful expectations with regard to service provision;
  4. To act as a coherent industry group, to represent members, and to inform and influence government policy; and
  5. To act as a collective body to engage with HMRC & other regulatory bodies to ensure clear guidance on issues that affect the childcare vouchers industry.

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